My GHT-Rara lake

Hi everyone, hope all of you are having wonderful day. It has been long that I am not writing so much. Well various reasons contributed to it. Actually I was just occupied with other issues which holded me back from writing anything for a long time.

Well this time I was trekking to far west of Nepal. My destination was Rara lake, it is Nepal’s largest lake . In some ways Rara is the ancient heart of Nepal. It is belived that the nearby valley Sinja is where the earliest examples of Nepali written script from the 13th century were found on the cliff walls.

The Great Himalaya Trail’s lower and upper routes make a crossroads at Rara lake. Humla and Takalot in Tibet heads north west from here. South west , via the ancient royal highway , the lower route leads through the less explored far west to the border with India (this was the route which i took) The land is deserted and all you can see is huge cactus, wild olives been there for i guess decades.


To its north lies the lost land of Mugu and less travelled high route to Dolpa.

Once you arrive you can see all of Tibet reflected in the crystal clear waters of Rara lake. (Yes offcourse the weather should be nice too ;))


They have a beautiful walking trail by the lake’s shores which is a great walk for trekkers and nature lovers. I could also observe some rhododhenrons in different shades of pink,red and white,national flower (is that a right spelling, correct me if I am wrong ;)).This Lake is purely untouched and the beauty of it is so unreal.


I personally feel this place is not being well acknowledged for tourism. Most of the tourist are missing the pure beauty which is needed to be seen. People around this region are poor and the place is also not so well developed but if we push tourism here may be it can eradicate the poverty of people from this area. This region needs serious development and people from here have to be benefitted from the beauty of this place.

The walking trails is not so bad but isn’t best either. You would need a nice trekking shoes and lots pair of sock. Also add wet wipes on your list its very beneficial ;).

Last I let you enjoy some picture that I took during this trip.
Hope you all go visit Rara someday too.
Take care.





imageUnderwater shot of Rara lake.

Underwater shot of Rara lake


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