Trek to Upper Mustang and Muktinath

Trekking in Himalaya has always been exciting to me. Not only you get to meet new people but you also get to see their lifestyle.

And what amazes me the most is that there are so many different landscapes, building styles and cultures in this mountain range.

It is kind of same but still uniquely different.
Always breathtaking and beautiful to observe.

I am glad that I spent my holiday and enjoyed my time in this beautiful landscape.

I think pictures speaks much better than words, so enjoy it!


IMG_20151019_102005 IMG_20151019_103251~2 IMG_20151019_164406~2 IMG_20151019_165731~2 IMG_20151019_165737 IMG_20151019_165750~2 IMG_20151019_165756~2 IMG_20151019_172027~2 IMG_20151019_173429~2 IMG_20151020_094317~2 IMG_20151020_094325~2 IMG_20151020_103031~2 IMG_20151020_162003~2 IMG_20151020_162203~2 IMG_20151020_162333~2 IMG_20151020_162534~2 IMG_20151020_162604~2 IMG_20151021_173637 IMG_20151022_061349~2 IMG_20151022_082726~2


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