Goodbye 25, hello 26

There definitely comes a point in life where you ask yourself “Why am I doing what I am doing and How do I get where I want to go if not?” I’ve been there a million times, and I feel like that is something I am constantly reevaluating this year. 
I haven’t exactly welcomed this birthday. I find myself thinking, how did this all happen so fast? Where did the last 5 years go? I don’t remember turning 20 but i do realize the feeling when I turned 22. By that time i guess all the cool birthdays were over. Time is just flying so fast.

But i feel and do believe 26 is going to be my most adventurous year yet 😎. And I’m not being facetious.I truly mean it! I am currently planning it, and getting ready to explore!!😇

Also trying to keep myself more positive 😉 i think 26 isn’t so bad. Afterall BIRTHDAYS are just milestones – but what I’ve learned so far in my past years is that as I get older, most birthdays are just another number ( its a great saying). Turning 26, however, really put me into a “reflective mode” about the last years, seeing how far I’ve come. For me, it’s about what I’ve learned and how I’ve grown over the years – and for that reason, I absolutely love being old now and would never choose to “go back” to my early twenties because looking back, I had a lot of learning to do back then LOL. 😀


One thought on “ Goodbye 25, hello 26

  1. I love the word ‘explore’.. I am super excited that you have included that very word in your turning 26 feeling and expression… I am excited for you and really eagerly look forward to hear your explore stories or even better join you in if not in all then some of these explorations yet to come 🙂

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