Living with catastrophic event

Being glued to the news cycle for the last 24 hours has started to affect every one of us. There’s only so much you can take, especially when media keeps reusing the same clips of death and destruction over and over for hours on end.

People may still have had no contact with many friends and family not only in the capital but also elsewhere in Nepal, I hope they are all ok and coping in the aftermath of this traumatic event. It pains me to hear of the death and destruction in the city which we have called home for so long.

For days after the quake people have started to become more insecure and paranoid. They have set their mind to escape anytime when they feel the jolt as if their biological alarm clocks had been set by this traumatizing event.

When our sense of security is shattered, traumatic stress is the likely outcome. Many people have expressed feeling of insecurity in their own homes, lacking faith in the structural integrity of their houses or apartments. Even myself I have started not to feel that safe well everyone has few cracks but still my house is a house, but not my home. I don’t trust it anymore ( Its bit difficult to console your heart at such time).

A feeling of total helplessness is one of the most common emotions after any catastrophic event, especially a natural disaster. During an earthquake we have been reminded that we cannot control the forces of Nature.



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