Roasting coffee

Before I start my experience about it I would like to thank my friend and fellow coffee nerd Jamison for guiding me on providing all the visuals virtually today (not to deny you were bit confusing to me ) . And Birgit for beliving in me.

I always thought coffee roasting was an art (well its still is) , art better left to very selected roasters which i dared not to do. But well as there is a proverb ‘practice makes a man perfect’. This roasting thing is kinda same . May be no one can be so perfect but experimenting will still helps you alot for a long run.

We have Gene cafe roaster at and i just roasted up just two batches so far today. It seemed really confusing to me at first but well should be allrighty 🙂

I wanted to experiment more with the lighter version and am bit curious about the quick roast meaning running somewhere less than few minutes faster than suggested. Doing so I think the beans also tend to have a bit of an uncharacteristic funky tang to them, although this could only be a trait of the beans themselves.

Ok and getting down on when you think if its ready ,me being honest even if i had all the procedures and you put all the correct temperature an time on machine. My logic now was to dump the beans out of drum into the strainer when you think the beans reach the desired color. Yes seriously that was my logic 🙂

Now you cool it in typical nepali way where Binita didi helped me.
When I first started to roast i had a vision (really dramatic one) of the building being full of coffee smell and people lingering around karma begging for coffee despite of the earthquake-aftershocks 🙂 (we are in second floor and since the earthquake hit, people rarely come for a cup these days) But well it smells really good with kinda little mixture of burnt burlap as all the other freshly roasted beans smell.

And yes Gene cafe sample roaster is really easy going sample roaster can be bit confusing at a times though( well everything is bit confusing when you are using it for the first time, no?)

imageBinita didi cooling in nepali wayBinita didi cooling in nepali way

Binita didi cooling in nepali way


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