Work for Nepal

April 25th 2015 Nepal was hit by a 7.9 magnitude earthquake. I along with my friend we were staying in Pokhara waiting for my flight to Jomsom for another day and fortunately we both were lucky to survive the earthquakes and avalanches, while many weren’t so lucky.

The death toll continues to rise past 4,000 as many remote villages have been completely inaccessible. The country as a whole is facing widespread power outages and water and food shortages.But in a sign of hope, the international community has gathered together around the catastrophe-stricken country, offering any kind of support it can. In such time every little bit counts, please help Nepal in any way possible.

You can click the link below and help by any means you could please!!

Karma foundation


Portal bikes

World Vet International Aid for Animals

Shikshya Foundation Nepal

P.s: Pictures are not taken by me.


Portal Bikes working on making an emergency relief shelter .


Five 14 team helped get and unload hundreds of food bags for their affected partnering village.



Karma foundation taking supplies to Gati ,sindupalchowk.


Portal bikes distributing tarps to support the affected.


Dr. Springer Browne of World Vets and Dr. Suman Khadka from Animal Nepal assess a cow that had been trapped between collapsed buildings for three days.



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