Someone told me that eating too much of what you like is not healthy for your body. I mean why keep restriction on food and judge on others diet. I crave for many kinds of food like burgers, pork, peach, guava, momo (it’s a dumplings) , hot chocolate , coffee and the list goes on and on, but hey we don’t need to worry about those yet. We don’t need research to know that 5 burgers a day is probably not so good ( I don’t have five burgers a day but just giving an example).

But has everyone totally given up on trusting their instincts and listening to what their own body is telling them?

What’s also a fool’s game is treating everything we eat or drink as if it must be either medicine or poison. When what we eat and drink becomes so overanalyzed into mechanics, we’ve removed any and all joy or pleasure from our lives. We no longer eat burger because we like it, but because it fits a regimented prescription falsely imprinted in our wishful minds.

Eat alot and eat what you love 🙂


Yummy burger



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