My 25th Anniversary

Today is my 25th birthday. I’m a quarter of a century old. They say your 20’s go by fast and when you hit your 30’s it goes downhill from there. I’m worried now!  But I am looking forward to making these next 5 years stretch on as long as possible. First of all I would like to thank my Mom and dad for not remembering when they gave birth to this beautiful girl 🙂 ,I know these guys are aging so am i, and my future is crystal clear!!

If I am not wrong, in school we were asked to write where we see ourselves at a certain age well let’s say 25 for now. Not to lie, I of course said that I would be married, with many kids, and must be added living happily ever after. Well I guess the future just didn’t work as what I mentioned in my class long back ago. Instead, I’m single (more happier than ever) off course childless and celebrating my 25th birthday at my work with lovely people around joined by my best friend with a round of 3 yummy cakes 🙂 And I think this version is way more cool than any adult version of myself I could have ever imagined of.

I’m excited about 25, and looking forward to all the exciting experiences I have yet to live. I’ve learned a lot in this first quarter of a century, and still am in a learning phase.









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