A lot of people make their new year’s resolution to do this and that. Either it be to quit on something, lose weight or be more realistic and practical. Well the point is why do you need a new year to bring a change in your life. Why cant you just start it any day rather the waiting a new year to hit your doorstep. I am not bragging in but well in my view what I think is you should not wait 
a new year to change the things
you dislike about
 yourself. You can change it whenever you like to, waiting would be just wasting your time.

Well to be honest I have never come with such change in my life on a new year day, its not I have always wanted too. But if i had to choose something It would be to ‘believe in myself no matter how big storm comes in my life and try and stay content with myself ‘ I do love myself alot 😍



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