Expectation v/s Acceptance

You know how those random moments come to you and you feel like accepting everything and expecting no more from people whom you expected. 😬 Well its still not gonna work coz expectation is a natural whereas acceptance is what you force your mind to do. Well you start to believe on ACCEPTING things or people but trust me deep inside you will never stop EXPECTING things from the people.

Let me tell you everyone feels that way. Everyone. But don’t let people bring you down even if they don’t meet up with what you expected from them, after all they aren’t god. They are just like you HUMANS. 😖 Just learn to accept, life’s not over its actually just started. Well act frustrated or be mad for sometime, take some time for yourself, you will always be good enough, It’s okay to be you! Be yourself! 😉

Learning to accept is bit tough well surely it doesn’t come over night. Like all things it takes time. Live in the moment, expect nothing and accept everything, thats the key to happiness and peaceful mind.



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