Happy birthday to my besty :)

Here we are hitting to old age now so cheers to that 🙂

Time seems to really flown by because now we’re getting old. With aging it seems like we are being more serious and worried about future too. Well everyday we are worried but birthdays make it even more worse ( like we say ‘ omg i have aged another year and i am still not sure what will i do with my future’ ) 😦 you know you get that crazy vibes but when you have crazy friends too it doesn’t worry you much. 🙂

I am happy that I have you in my life and we will always be there together for each other. No matter what tries to come in between us we will just ditched them away and hit them in a face 🙂 saying DIE BITCH!!! 🙂

Well lets not bring the word best friend or soul mates ( ppl will take it in another way, you know how dirty their mind is, lol..:) ) with you its kind of a true friend whom I can count in like for my lifetime. I am honestly so lucky to have you in my life because its not possible to find a better friend with a good soul in the world. Remember you are the most caring person and you shine constantly ( i am not saying you are a vampire 😝) because you are a special person.

I hope you loved those cupcakes and special doughnut retreat with off course yes your never missing marshmallow hot chocolate. It was a pleasant full day today and well everyday with you is fun filled and mesmerizing and today being your birthday just made it even more special.





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