Cutting my hair short was not a good idea.

I hate going to the hairdressers, so many hairdressers are scissor-happy. But this timeI had to take a step out for my hair coz it already started to look more like a bush and very miserable. 😦 My hair is waist length and hairdresser cut it 3-4 inches shorter (like in layers so the damage edge would all chop out) even though I asked for 1/2 an inch ( seeing me in the mirror I feel like crying out loud). 😦
I was pretty much livid but tried to keep a cool persona; but I did complain afterwards. Thankfully, hair grows back slowly but surely.

The only thing I benefited is removing all the dead, dry, split-ends. My hair looks healthier now at the ends but this still isn’t worth removing that much hair. I could’ve instead removed an inch every once in a while. Never have I regretting something like this. I miss my old self. ( I hope its not only me, i hope everyone feels so after their long hair is chopped off) 🙂

It is hard getting used to it being shorter, but, it does dry faster! 🙂 I might want to keep it longer than it is now, but shorter than it was before. Or who knows I might decide to stay with short. either way, it’s only temporary! For now I will put one cool black leather jacket put on some cool make up and rock this hair! and in the future I will laugh about this! Hair always grows….

But still any tips to improve hair growth ? I am terrified worried that it might take forever to grow… 😦 How long will it be in 6 months? It’s at my shoulders now. How about a year? Damn I feel like being knocked out and waking up once it reaches the length it was before..


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