Giving up..

There are two types of waiting one is you do for something that you know is coming,sooner or later. Then there is the waiting for something you don’t know is coming. You really don’t even know what it is exactly, but well you are hoping for it. Hoping for it to come to you and mesmerize you. You are imagining it and living your life for it. Meanwhile nothing seems to be more important to you rather than waiting for it. You give up everything and everything seems to be less important to you instead of giving up on him/her.

Embarrassment is something that happens to thousands of people every day. Something awkward or weird or embarrassing or scary happens to a lot of people every, single day. What makes admitting your feelings to someone.There’s nothing that really makes it worse, to be honest. If they reject you, you deserve someone better (i guess….SIGH) . But if you still keep on waiting for it to come back to you then it surely is gonna be worse to you. Well no one can lock up their feelings in a box and keep it away for awhile until the person you feel for gets ready and come back (its kind of being selfish to yourself) . A lot happens during that phase. I thought of this working out but waiting for someone who is not coming to you coz they ain’t ready for commitment (well who is ready though) is really not a good idea i guess. Waiting for them will just leave you making fist in your heart very painful 😦

But to console yourself you can at least think of something better which goes this way. Everything will turn out for the better! What if they’ve been wanting to tell you for a long time too, but they’ve never had the courage? What if they like you as much, if not even more, than you like them? And you can always just ask them how they feel about you, and not tell them that you like them, if they don’t like you back. Maybe it’s because they like you so much that it’s scaring them and guiding them toward this mindset that they get stuck in, without any chance nor means of escaping, and they just try so hard not to make their crush on you obvious that they practically ignore you; even though that’s just hurting the both of you, it’s just something that they don’t change, or maybe even exactly realize, because they aren’t thinking. If they do like you back, you should admit to it! Because it will be worth it. Everything will be worth your while. Crushes only suck if you let them. So don’t.:(

Half of you don’t get what i am trying to tell and i really cant explain any further either coz then i think you will have to be in my shoes to know how it goes. 🙂

Well nothing lasts, but if you think it’s going to.You really think so then, Here’s something I can hold on to, but it always slips away. Now you tell me,Why is that so?




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