2013 to moving onto 2014

Its not my type to write it down in this way about the whole year that just waved me a goodbye. Another year coming ahead and knocking my doorsteps. It doesn’t feel new at all I mean like really NOT AT ALL.. I was planning to write on the Christmas day but then again yes the little tiniest thing happen and i fell asleep.(like always i was lazy enough to write ). 🙂 but its never late to do something that you really want to do right so here I wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy new year (in advance though ). 🙂

Well here I am not going to talk much about the new years resolution and all those blah blah shits cause why do we need to wait till the start of a new year to decide to do this and that. Why not try each and everyday? Why wait a whole year after all a new year isn’t a chance to start over and bring the better in you but instead every TOMORROW is right. 🙂

Ok a lot has happened this year my January was like , well lets say very optimistic. It whispered into my ear saying that a lot of good things were gonna happen. I am not gonna lie I went through a lot of stuffs in 2012 december (or lets just say since october) 2012 was and yes it is still unforgiving but now its a locked diary. Not a word to spare its just left me outside all alone. I think back to all those time and yes things changed and it changed me too. Its just one way or another and I guess that’s just how we grow. I made memories, tried new things, explored new places may be I hurt someone just because i was being hurt too (i know that sounds evil but don’t judge me just).

Then the February came by always letting me down. They say its a month for sharing love among each other and finding your other half (blah blah blah that shit ain’t true anyways) Well why do one need a special month to celebrate their love. If someone is special to you they are gonna be special to you each and everyday right so why all this Valentine crap? But Cupid surely does have a rotten aim sometimes, well we cant blame him either. Some couples are never meant to be together and sooner you get that in your mind well thats better. 😉

March was marching along with me , it was helping me to fill in all those cracks and damages that was made to me once. I learned to get back to who I was. It was kind of getting back to that old songs which I had forgotten long time ago. And it helped me grow and grow to be more like me.

April was easy as it sounds. Nothing to loose and nothing to gain. It just went by then .

May was just like another day . Everything seemed to be allright. I was happy, happier then ever. Never felt so much better. 🙂 I was growing my new wings and learning to fly again.

June was all set to dry off. It was collecting more happiness. No more empty heart or walking alone it brought the best of all the months I guess. In the moment it made me feel like nothing was happening and nothing had ever happened to bring my prettiest smile down 🙂 I now had realized everything needs its own right time. (but the question was ‘ is there really such thing called right timing? ) I don’t really believe on such stuffs like really really. You are the one to make believe yourself that what makes you happy to do and when you do, just that moment is a right timing. Time provides perspective on the greatest moments and sometimes if you are lucky enough it makes the worst more bearable. 😉

July here comes with sun all smiley powerful and thoughtful. 🙂

August was of new hope, it was so surprised to see me so moved. New people and entirely new life but then i was still finding myself in the crowd. I felt if someone was taking me for granted now and then again. 😦

September was just perfect it was one of those cherry on top thing. Something happened that was forgotten and never dreamed of happening again. But then still controlling those feelings and trying to spend some more time with myself. 🙂

October was all about festival. New arrival of flowers and almost everything. Work and Family timing and almost gathering of all age I wont lie somewhere it made me quite of a rage.

November was cold it cracked my skin and let me die just a little more. Decided to wait for someone with whom I was in a comfort zone. I was starting to tell him how I felt well I owed it to myself to be just more than honest. Anger was just another thing through anger I was just validating my feelings 🙂

December came in just like a rush thing. Well again I started to learn how to be alone but with a little help of my friends loneliness was never shown. I will never forgive who hurt me but well i am made up of good soul 🙂 Good heart just see good in everyone even if they were betrayed. Sometimes they just don’t see the bad.

Well every time everything comes with the warning signs but again why do we blind ourself with hopes and thoughts like ‘ may be its different this time’ . So may be it really really really be different this time with you all. Happy new year!!!


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