Being sick sucks

Lately I have been sick and puking my tummy out. But still I don’t feel completely good. It started from last friday, battle with my stomach ( heehaww Kung-fu-panda)   I was holding my puke (sounds disgusting right) till midnight, well I was sleepy enough to be throwing up 🙂 . And after the clock strikes to 12 I ran to washroom n poured it all. Still felt nothing better.

Next morning it was same, I felt vulnerable and felt like I may have a small about infection, flu or something else like something big. Well I do overthink everytime and at this point yes I think my thought of this thinking exceeded its limit.

Do you think this way too like when you have a heavy hairfall do you get a slight vision of going bald because of cancer. Well I am asking you this coz here I felt so. I was having gastrick and my tummy was swelling because of all that gas.(I swear I could have fill up dozen of ballons 🙂 ) But my thought strikes to another way. I thought I was going to die of some infection where my tummy was filled with water n it was incurable. ( well that was just a thought that clashed into my mind very begining) I was looking very blue and ugly too. I never looked this ugly even when I had sinusitics attack 🙂

Later in the evening I had appointment with doctor. I was so worried before visiting him.Too many questions were running through my mind. What if I had some incurable disease,what if I will die, what if I will b disable. I swear I had no nerve to bring the poisitive thoughts.

But I dont know whats it with these doctors. I mean they check your pulse, listen to your heartbeat measure your blood pressure and well just in a click they know it all. I was suffering from gastrick, dehydration was another issue. Body pressure was too low and i was getting too weak. He also added to drink atleast two ltr.of water everyday as a prescribed medicine.They know what you are going through and prescribes the medicines and see I am back in track feeling alrighty 🙂 But I feel so dumb in some point where I asked him (doctor) too many questions. One of my question were ‘does your teeth gums change color into blue when you have cancer.’ (too stupid right) Well I was worried ok and google seemed not so better solution either to answer my curiosity.

I had a slight fever but I was feeling much better 😉 this morning. Maybe thats because the medicine worked but in other hand I had to use bathroom like for seven times ;( and I was being sluggish everytime.

Overall I am going to take it easy this week and hopefully will be better soon!!


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