I don’t really know…

Do you ever get into such feelings where you’re sad but then you’re angry about the fact that you’re sad. But then you’re like ‘ Oh come on what is the point of being angry about it it’s not like there’s anything you can do about it’ and you just are tangled between the depressing mix of emotions. I don’t know if its society which made me so or might be the environment where I come from is not helping me either. Depression totally kills me literally. My thoughts start to fight inside my head. I feel helpless I wish to settle down everything but then the misery piles up even more. In some point I even get feeling of withdrawing this life. But then I look around and think to myself I am not going to quit I am gonna stand up and be make things better. I will have to bring the change. After all life is too short to be fighting with ourself.



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