Voting or not Voting

Voting brings us together. Voting is the one time when we are all equal—whether young or old, rich or poor—and one time when we all have the same say. The voting itself brings surge of emotion to me. Might be it overcomes me, maybe it’s anxiety or my mind is beginning to realize what I’m about to do, I don’t know, I’m not a shrink. A lot was going through me.

I’ve been worrying at this for a couple of days now, about voting or not voting and if I am voting whom should I and Why? I am not that aware about the POLITICS as I have to say I don’t even know how many parties are their here. And I think I’ve got to the nub of what concerns me – and it’s about not voting 🙂 well that might surprise you but well the leaders are not worth it or lets say not worth my vote. ;p

I’m not much interested in giving more attention to anyone who does something just by saying so like “bringing citizens life and country to the positive path”. Think about its a well said pick up line but do you think they are implementing? Anyone of you who is saying Yes , I would like you to rethink on it. No I am not being negative here just think about it. Just think hard once again. 🙂

In any discussion of voting or not, I think it’s disrespectful to leave the topic about the attacks thats been made to the country by the same few leaders. Many citizen lost their life being in the bomb attacks that was been placed in different places. Sadly the victims were more often children. Some lost their life and some are struggling for their life in hospitals. Usually I don’t go bragging about the leaders more often but where are they now? Why are they not doing anything to help those poor needy people who are lying in hospitals bed and cannot afford the bills. I am just acknowledging that winning the vote took some people’s lives. And dear leaders you don’t have right to take someones life just like that.

They said, If we don’t believe in the system then WE have to change it. But I want you to make me believe of how. How engaging in voting gonna help change everything like how? I need proof I need to see the changes thats been made but not just calls for unspecified ‘REVOLUTION’. 🙂 But till now I honestly can’t think of a single revolution that worked for long-term.

Well if you consider me as an inactive citizen by not voting. What difference did the active citizen made? I want to make a difference. I want to be doing stuff. I want to be active. Not engaging does make me inactive and it also makes me feel like stepping back for the new revolution. But I don’t know why I do feel I did right thing too. 😉


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