Punk music may rock but it hurts my ears as well heart..

I had been to this gig today which was based as punk rock gig. It was my first time. The mass was not so gigantic; there were more numbers of male audience rather than a female. But coincidentally the singer was female. She was glad to see few girls which were particularly 2.

I exactly don’t listen much too punk music. I thought blink 182,RHCP ,Linkin park they were punk but I came to know they are punk but the alternatives one. Being to this gig I am confuse either if I don’t know the meaning of punk music or if the gig was not about one concerned. It was a complete boisterous music to me. Maybe they had gist to themselves it’s just my view I got an experience to identify about it. The fans were ripping their shirt off and dancing to their own beats. Somewhere it was kind of annoying to see the way they danced was similar to battling.
Most of their lines were dreadful in my view they were just using slangs and it was called as music. It doesn’t mean that I don’t utter slang or else but I guess these were the songs where I listened the lexicon of slangs. A while beside me there was this guy who banged his head taking a awkward moment this really annoyed me. I guess he was the scariest one. The dance was agreeable and the music was good enough but the lines was what they were broke.

In my nation majority of punk lovers are fake. They just want them to be perceptible so they dress in printed t-shirt of which they don’t even know the connotation. They duplicate the hairstyle from any upcoming punk artist and dance like a freak, get boozed and smoked out. Everything was good enough but it’s the wanna bees’ people whom I really hated.

We all have our own perceptions I hope my perception won’t rub the wrong way.


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