Last night or today morning???

11th Feb. 2010
It was a terrible morning or last night which I passed on with.
Suddenly someone breaks our apartment door and shouts saying that they were police and are here for the operational research. But is this the way to do the operational research??? Being a daughter of an officer I can totally ignore the fact that they are in police. They were so indiscipline, break the door shout at us asking our money hand phones..Does this make any sense that they were here for an operational research?? Fucking not…
It all happened at morning 2am which is supposed to be a sweet dream night. I thought it might be the same boys who came to disturb before so we didn’t make any noise and just pretended we were not there. But still if they are officer they need to have some discipline, they could have just informed us saying “We are officer and we are here for the operation research, could you please open the door?” but no they entered like in a oldies bollywood movies where a scoundrel comes with their guns and all the explosion equipment in innocent people house and try to do bad to them.
We 12 girls were so helpless and I bet everyone were in their half sleep trying to make calls for help. But suddenly they (officer) break the door. Me personally I think that was the moment for me when I could think of nothing else but just imagined of gunshots. For awhile I thought me along with my other 11 friends we are going to finish now. But they asked us to show our permit. Who knows where the permit is now??? When we showed our permit photocopies. They didn’t believed us and ask the original. But the retarded HR of our hotel has kept the original. When we call they don’t pick the phone and neither accepts the text. There was no sign of help for the moment. Luckily one of my local friends had informed about the entire incident to my manager. My manager asked the HR to go see and only after that they came with the original copy.
They placed us like a bad working people in a row. We were not only the one there were also the Vietnamese, Indonesians, Indians and many more. I only saw this on TV before but today I had an experienced it, though we didn’t do any dirty job. They think we are here illegally but the permit is legal itself already.
Later I asked one of the officers and he said lots of international people are coming here illegally so we are forced to do this operational research. But this was not the way I mean the right way. If the people are coming illegally why don’t they make a check post in airport and check it. The mistake has been done by government itself. And we are the one to suffer it innocently.
The HR says not say anything to anyone. Is this because we are illegally here?? We are just higher diploma student who are here for their internship trying to learn something. But we don’t even know clearly if we are here legally or illegally??? Sometimes I get confused and I regret so many times for coming here for this thing called internship.


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