I seriously hate to do my laundry even though I handle guest laundry.
So I always ask my good friend Luna to do mine. Shame on me but usually we do it together she helps me some time and I help her most of the time hehehehehehe…..
Actually it must have been difficult for me for not having a habit of doing it from early. Yes, my mom have been loving me and everyone else’s does. But I have seen my friends doing their laundry like my best friend Rita used to do, and also one my good friend Prakriti. 

I miss you guys and your corporation of helping your mom. I miss my mom but now I am proud coz I can do most of the things on my own which my mom use to do alone. Honestly, I never helped her to do anything coz I always felt like helping her. And another reason was she never asked me her to help her except showering the puppies.

Wow how great were those days looking my mom doing my laundry and counting how many pairs of t-shirt and trousers were mine. Comparing the number with my brother’s laundry and always complaining my brother use to change his clothes more than me.

Anyways, these days learning and I m doing my laundry hehehehehehe. My friend ritey, riya, merina always have been complaining me that I have been lazy and all that now see gals I work more that you. I miss you my gal I love you all and I miss my mom for a big time.

Take care 



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