working life

Suddenly you need to wake up with this irritating melody of your alarm and need to get ready to go for your training or what you call that internship…….” Ahhhh…….got a work to do buddy tc c u later that’s what u say while you are leaving to your room mate.” But do you expect your room mate to see later???? I am surprise to say “NO” that’s what life is like here. You even can’t get chance to wish your room mate a birthday wish. You need to text her. 😦 

And about working place it’s like big shopping mall you go and sell things with your full distinctive service. You need to work with every kind of people some of them gets you and some you don’t get them. Some of them they are real good buddies and some they are just a bitch. But still you got to work with them. You need to compromise a lot after all that’s for own betterment. After all in the end you are going to learn something which means a lot for you. 

After you finish your work you come back and just crumble in your bed with this note by your room mate saying see you later, good night. : ( 

I had never expected life would be so mean to me. I miss home I miss my friends. I have made a big countdown chart paper. Every day when I come back from that giant place I am always excited to mark the day that’s left to stay here. It’s kind of little weird but it is the only way that helps me. 😀 


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