Hearing is not a new thing, I always hear many things. While ago we heard that moon walker walked to the moon, he will never be back though but what I heard recently isn’t like a moon walker’s issue. It might be just a thing but recently I heard something really bad going in my cozy place. 
Someone who earns his life guarding that office where he works, whose age is approximately over 50, abused a little sweet girl of 4 years old. I wonder how he did such thing to that little naïve girly who is like his daughter. Such a evil person.. What was wrong with his hormones? I was so surprised to hear this drama but it isn’t a drama but I was not the only one who was surprised. Those human like me totally devastated like me were presenting their hot anguish. Every one were beating that man but he was lucky police came at the incident. Here it’s a law less state here. Law has no value but still it has some value. Every one are scared with it in a way or another around the world … people are so frustrated. When there is a fight between husband and wife doesn’t matter if it’s a Monday morning or Friday afternoon if a good boy and bad boys make a issue… lets make a closure… lets have a “banda” “banda” “banda” (strike) it happens… every thing happens here… good or evil …. What does it mean …? 
Later I came to know that the child was given a chocolate that was worth 5 rupee and asked not to say anything to her parents. But after the pain was caused to her she said her mother about all the fondling done to her. The way she expressed what was done to her made everyone go mad and crazy. Who thinks such things are going to happen to anyone of 4 years old girl?? World’s craziest things are happening in this small country kidnapping and asking for hefty ransom, last time there was one girl whose head was chopped. Yes killing was the old issue and they are always trying to audit and seek new invention but now sexual assault, mistreatment of child by adult for his welfare is taking palce. Might be there are so many such issues which is being practiced but doesn’t come out of our society coz no one dares to speak about it . 
After this action every girl feels insecure. This happened to small girl aged 4 years old but it can happen to anyone next. It can happen to me, it can happen to even you or your loved ones. I wonder how she will be able to live with the truth that she was being sexually abused. Today she doesn’t know what does that mean but this evidence will always haunt her every day when she will grow up. 
What do you think the sweetest punishment for these kinds of punks? As someone said… we can’t change the world but we can make a difference. I heard as well act locally think globally. I think I made a slight difference with this article. My helpless smile is here smiling with me. 
Think about it!!!!! 


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